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Capital Markets

Debt and Cashflow Finance

Hawkview Partners can assist clients with their debt funding strategies at various stages of the business life cycle to support their business. This may include applying for new funds with a bank or increasing banking facilities with your existing bank. We have a detailed understanding of the funding criteria of the major trading banks and other lenders to advise on market opportunities and current financial conditions. We pride ourselves on knowing each lender’s risk profile, funding appetite and credit processes.

We will assist clients in obtaining new financing by defining the debt financing strategy, review business plans, determine financing, structural, commercial and due diligence issues, prepare a detailed finance proposal for financiers (including financial projections and indicative terms), review and negotiate financiers terms of financing, co-ordinate the due diligence process and assist in the completion of all financing and legal documentation.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO)/Flotations

Hawkview Partners assists clients project manage the IPO process including preparing for becoming a public company, structuring the transaction, valuation, setting timetables, selecting stockbrokers/underwriters, negotiating key financing agreements, appointing and co-ordinating of support advisers (e.g. legal, tax accounting etc), and managing the due diligence and prospectus preparation process.

Undertaking an IPO is an important event in a business’ life cycle and we work alongside the board, senior management and other key stakeholders throughout the listing process to provide specialist advice to maximise shareholder value from the IPO.