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General Advice

Financial Modelling and Business Analysis

Planning, structuring and business analysis is fundamental to the success of your projects and business initiatives. We can work closely with your senior management team to develop financial models that meets your needs and perform detailed analysis of key outputs.

We are experts in preparing integrated profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet financial models, performing sensitivity analysis on key variables and calculating key performance indicators. Our financial models are tailored specifically for each client, are user friendly and contain easy to identify operating assumptions.

Business Valuations

Business valuations are required for a variety of reasons including sale or transfer of equity, family law purposes, the acquisition/sale of a business, for taxation purposes, at the request of banks/financiers, or simply to ascertain what a business is worth. Business valuations are also an important part of facilitating family succession and generational transfer of business wealth.

Determining the value of a business requires knowledge of many strategic and financial factors. We have access to databases to gather the information required to perform a thorough and accurate evaluation of the business and apply proven and accepted methodologies to determine the value of a business.

Valuation reports are tailored to each clients requirements and can be detailed to provide a concise summary of the business and its industry and the valuation methodologies adopted and explanation of all important assumptions or may simply comprise a concise executive summary.

Business and Strategic Planning

The business and strategic planning process is an essential element to the achievement of the business strategy.

Hawkview Partners works closely with business owners and senior management teams to develop and implement business and strategic plans, oversee the continuous process of reviewing and monitoring the implementation of both business and strategic plans and the consequential achievement of the overall business strategically.

Hawkview Partners also provides other services including:

- Business Wealth Checks
- Business Financial Health Checks
- Shareholder Minority Interest Disposals/Acquisitions