Selected Assignments

Hawkview Partners Melbourne Selected Assignments

Selected Assignments

The directors of Hawkview Partners have advised and worked on the following selected assignments:

Private Company Major Shareholder - 50% equity acquisition

Mobilia Manufacturing - Debt refinancing

Auscraft Constructions - Corporate restructuring

Auscraft Constructions - Strategic advice

Brown Denarusha - Strategic planning

Brown Denaruaha - Capital restructuring and equity raising

Brown Denarusha - Business valuation and capital management advice

Brown Denarusha - Debt finance renegotiation & refinancing

Sonim Technologies - Debt and mezzanine finance renegotiation

Sonim Technologies - Minority interest sale of shares held by a US based private equity firm

Coronation Power - Debt restructuring and capital management advice

Sonim Technolgies – Equity raising for working capital and business growth

Sound Advice Group – Capital restructuring and equity raising

Sonim Technologies – Debt and mezzanine financing

Trinity Life – Acquisition of Manchester Unity

Future Capital Development Fund – Flotation on the ASX

Visionglow Global – Compliance listing on the APX

Focus Capital Group – Sale of Focus Capital Group to Allco Managed Investments Limited

Becton Property Group – Corporate restructuring prior to listing on the ASX

Nova Health Limited – Takeover of Nova Health Limited by Healthscope Limited

Austchoice Financial Services – Merger with ASX listed Deakin Financial Services Ltd

MacCarthurCook Ltd – Strategic advice and equity raising following a back door listing on the ASX

National Telecoms Group – Strategic advice

Pipers Brook Vineyard – Takeover by Kreglinger Wine Estates