Hawkview's Process

The Hawkview Partners approach to business sales and acquisitions involves working through a comprehensive list of activities to ensure we achieve the best outcome for our clients.


We learn about your business and industry so we can position the company for a sale.

  • Educate clients about the process
  • Explain different buyer options, including trade buyers, private equity and private owners
  • Prepare a valuation report of the business
  • Identify areas within the business which may require attention and improvement


We take a detailed look into your business to prepare the key items for a sale.

  • Working with your management team to find areas of growth or identify areas that require improvement
  • Executing strategies from the valuation report
  • Reviewing a range of financial data and market information
  • Creating key selling documents, Business Profile and Information Memorandum
  • Preparing a secure data room to provide buyers with key business information


We research the market of buyers to understand the activity in your industry. We also access a range of business databases to ensure our buyer pool is strong and competitive.

  • Speaking to buyers early in the process to get an ‘early view’ of interest and value from them
  • Finding buyers which have strategic rationales for owning your business
  • Research who is buying and selling in Australia and globally


We approach buyers in the market and work to identify the most appropriate buyer for your business.

  • Contacting the most relevant buyers in the buyer pool
  • Sending proprietary documents and marketing materials to potential buyers
  • Managing enquiries from potential buyers
  • Site tours with owners and management


Negotiating the best possible price for your business.

  • Assessing offers and any terms and conditions attached to the offer
  • Negotiate key terms of offers and exchange data
  • Signing of the Indicative Offer or Term Sheet


Due dilligence is vitally important for anyone buying a business. This is a complex and time consuming process which we manage.

  • Request for information (RFI) sent by interested parties
  • Lawyers engaged and contracts are sent through
  • Further Q&A and site tours


We ensure that you get the most out of a sale when it really matters – signing.

  • Signing key documents
  • Management of final funds flow

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